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Roland Tolley Counselling in Beckenham
Areas of Work

About half of my work is in general counselling. 

It may be that you are anxious or depressed?; a relationship may have ended, or you may in one in which you are currently unhappy? You may be worried about about work; being bullied or suffering harrassment, or juggling pressures of work and home life?  illness may have affected you or a family member or someone close to you has died?  Perhaps you are lacking in self-esteem or self-image? Whatever it might be, I am interested to help you, because it is making your life unhappy.

The other half of my work is in working with issues of sexual violence and child abuse, sometimes causing trauma.

 So, I can also help you with the more frightening things that can happen in life, such as having been sexually,  physically or emotionally abused, either as an adult or a child. I have considerable experience and additional training in helping people with trauma resulting from these events and who may suffer from symptoms of PTSD, Complex PTSD or DID and/or  who may self-harm or dissociate.


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